View of an elevator shaft that shows the hoistway.
Everyone appreciates elevators for providing accessible transportation. But do you ever think about how your elevator works, or what kind of care it needs? Elevators are complex pieces of machinery, and understanding their components and maintenance requirements is essential forRead More
A yellow sign with a hurricane cyclone symbol. the sign says "Hurricane season"
As South Floridians, we know that living in this beautiful paradise comes with a catch - the dreaded hurricane season. Peaking anywhere from mid-August to October, it's a time when we need to be extra vigilant about protecting our homesRead More
An elevator tech in an elevator looking up
Elevators may seem straightforward: they go up and down, and you should check on them sometimes to ensure they are alright. However, there are a lot of misconceptions and a lot of specific maintenance that go into elevators! As weRead More
Person in gloves sanitizing an elevator
The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” can sometimes be helpful, but TG Oil is here to tell you: this does not apply to elevator pits! While elevator pits may be easy to overlook, it is important to checkRead More
Before and After of our rust removal
With any metal machinery, rust is bound to happen. There seems to be somewhat of a divisive stance on rust: some think it means the machine is in a state of disrepair and needs to be replaced, while others thinkRead More
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