“Thank you for calling TG Oil Services. This is Daniela, may I ask who I’m speaking to?” “Hi Daniela, this is Charles, I manage ABC building and we found water in our elevator pit after the storm. Would someone be able to come out to inspect the site and give Read More
Do you have concerns about your elevator pit but don’t know who to call? Leave the dirty work to us TG Oil Services has 25 years of experience in the elevator and safety management fields. Traveling all throughout Florida we have worked with property managers, elevator companies and individuals providing Read More
Floor 1… Floor 2… Floor 3…. Elevator car lift systems are engineered to generously carry people in a safe manner to what may be their jobs or apartments. The design and mechanics are safe so long as the elevator is properly maintained and upkept. Proper maintenance ensures there are no Read More
You’re standing inside of an elevator waiting for the doors to close to go to a different level and find yourself glancing at the space between the elevator car and the floor the elevator sits at. The elevator doors shut. Now you’re left wondering what would happen if you threw Read More
Florida summers are an invitation for mosquitoes to thrive. Warmer temperatures and higher moisture levels in the summer attract disease-carrying mosquitoes. More rainfall means a higher probability of seeing areas with contained water– a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These breeding grounds, or anything that holds water, can be found indoors Read More