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Oily water may be found in your elevator pit as a result of water coming in contact with hydraulic fluids or lubricants used in the elevator mechanics.

There is also a chance of trash, debris, and saltwater mixing together. This new mix needs to be disposed of properly and promptly as overtime it can cause a ripple effect of problems.

Elevator mechanics rust when exposed to water, increasing the likelihood of your elevator system malfunctioning. This has the possibility of causing personal injury or lead to corporate liability.

Managing this yourself can have serious consequences like fines or environmental destruction as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict protocols for disposing of contaminated oily water.

Florida Statute Section 403.703(9) prohibits dumping hazardous material on any land or body of water due to the odds of it seeping into a groundwater source causing serious environmental and health risks.

Invest in an expert service like TG Oil Services to remove and dispose of oily water from your elevator pit. Licensed by the EPA and certified to remove, handle and transport oily water, TG Oil is always in compliance with federal regulations ensuring high quality results you can trust.

This team of professionals has a mission of caring for your elevator pit and the safety of its passengers, while also keeping in mind a sustainable option for the environment.

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Licensed and certified to remove, handle and transport oily water, TG Oil Services helps you avoid fines and liability.

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