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Rust is inevitable when it comes to steel equipment. This natural corrosion of steel can lead to many high risk disasters as the material begins to break away, increasing the chance of equipment malfunction, personal injury, or structural damage. Common solutions for dealing with rust include sand blasting or the use of acid type products which use toxic chemicals and both are hazardous to the environment. Standard primers do no more than encapsulate or clad rust particles when applied to rusty steel, only covering up the rust not treating it. 

TG Oil Services is now offering RustCheck, developed with Poly-Tuff Systems International technology, this safer, easier, non-toxic solution effectively deals with rust.

This treatment can be used by anyone due to its simple application process as it cleans up with fresh water and soap. For safe and quality results on elevator pits, leave the dirty work to us – TG Oil Services provides FULL treatment and protection of rust. Eliminate dangerous acid solutions and abrasive blasting, invest in RustCheck to transform your rust to shine.

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Safe for the environment, easy-to-use, and cost effective, this is why RustCheck is right for you.

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