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Rust was, is, and always will be a problem with steel. In past, the only way people or industry dealt with rust was sand blasting or using acid type products, which are both hazardous to the environment. Developed using Poly-Tuff Systems International technology there is NOW a safer, easier, non toxic, cost effective, productive way of dealing with rust. RustCheck is safe and cleans up with (fresh water and soap). Managing rust with RustCheck can eliminate dangerous acid solutions and abrasive blasting.

Standard primers do no more than encapsulate or clad rust particles when applied to rusty steel. The rust is not being treated only covered up. The remaining presence of rust left on the steel will allow corrosion to continue under your topcoat or repair, causing an inferior bond or corrosion under coating. RustCheck penetrates through the rust to good steel chemically converting the rust to a tough black magnetite surface.

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Use as a stand-alone coating or as a primer in combination with any preferred paint/coating system for unbeatable rust protection.

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