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Why Elevator Pit Servicing is Necessary

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” can sometimes be helpful, but TG Oil is here to tell you: this does not apply to elevator pits!

While elevator pits may be easy to overlook, it is important to check them routinely. They can host various issues, which can quickly worsen, resulting in damages, malfunctions, and harm to passengers. Below are some of the main issues we encounter when servicing elevator pits.


Whether it’s from structural issues, natural disasters, or broken pipes, elevator pits are vulnerable to water. Some think that because it is in a pit and not in the elevator itself, it is fine and can go untreated, and we are here to tell you that is not the case.

Leaving water in an elevator pit can lead to rust, mechanical issues, bugs that can fly up and affect you and your clientele, bacteria, and elevator malfunctions.


Another water-related issue that can occur if you do not properly treat your elevator pit is oily water- which combines two issues: oil and water. This occurs when water comes in contact with hydraulic fluid or lubricants that are used in the mechanics of the elevator- the result is an issue that can rapidly worsen. Oil is a material that has regulations around its’ disposal- so make sure you call professionals.



Trash can often fall through the cracks of the elevator, whether by accident or, unfortunately, on purpose. This trash can accumulate, and it can be quite a problem. If there is water, the issue is that the trash can become soggy, heavy, and moldy. However, even without water, it is still a problem. Dust and trash accumulation is a serious fire hazard that must be remedied immediately.

Getting your elevator pit serviced is a surefire way to ensure that things are safe, up to code, and run smoothly. But don’t trek down there yourself! Trust us: this is a job best left to the professionals.

At TG Oil Services, we are proud to assist your business in restoring your elevator pit. We have years of experience, which allows us to troubleshoot and remedy a wide array of issues. We carry HEPA-certified Pulse-Bac Vacuums to ensure we get everything out that needs to come out, follow EPA guidelines when removing oil, rust restoration, cleaning and sanitizing…the list goes on!

Our services are comprehensive, and we pay attention to small details to ensure you get a complete, above-and-beyond service! For years, we have proudly served the South Florida area with not only their elevator pit solutions, but rust mediationoil services, and more! To inquire about our services, visit us online or call us at 954-874-0930.


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