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TG Oil Services collects and transports your used oil, liquid waste, oily water and filters to a certified site that disposes and recycles the materials. This is an effort that a business can take in preventing environmental safety and public health issues. Our service manager provides you with a full report and manifest of where the used oil and filters where taken.

Through daily operations your company may accumulate oil waste, liquid waste and used filters. What do you do with this material?

With the awareness that our planet earth needs to be protected and getting rid of used oil isn’t as easy as throwing it away, trusting a company to recover and transport your waste is the best option. TG Oil Services is licensed by the EPA to safely handle and transport your liquid waste. This includes, used motor oil, hydraulic oil, oil filters, etc. One our experienced teams will seamlessly handle this process and provide you with the necessary documentation.

When possible, used oil and liquid waste disposal sites recycle the material. The liquid waste is filtered, sorted and recycled into re-refined lubricating oil, industrial burner fuel and more. Recycling used oil decreases the amount of hazardous material on the planet. Calling a professional company to handle your used oil ensures that it is properly taken care of.

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Efficient, Reliable, Thorough are only a few words to describe the service provided by TG Oil Services. I totally recommend their company.
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Use as a stand-alone coating or as a primer in combination with any preferred paint/coating system for unbeatable rust protection.

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