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Through regular daily operations your company may accumulate oil waste, liquid waste, and used oil filters, this includes used motor oil, hydraulic oil, oil filters, etc. What do you do to dispose of this material?

Getting rid of used oil is not as easy as throwing it away, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations protecting the disposal of oil. Only certified professionals are allowed to remove, transport, hold, and handle oil waste due to the complication of the substance. If illegally dumped or improperly disposed of, you can face paying high fines or penalties. 

Do not be overwhelmed by oil disposal, rely on a team that is EPA licensed, certified, and trained to transport used oil in compliance with federal regulations. TG Oil Services collects and transports your used oil, liquid waste, and oily water to a certified site that disposes and recycles the material. The liquid waste is filtered, sorted and recycled into re-refined lubricating oil, industrial burner fuel and more. This is our way of prioritizing corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability by transporting the oil to a recycling facility which in turn decreases the amount of hazardous material on the planet. For your oil needs, trust in professionals like TG Oil Services who are ready to educate and guide you in what is best for your business while also keeping the environment in mind.

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Efficient, Reliable, Thorough are only a few words to describe the service provided by TG Oil Services. I totally recommend their company.
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Environmentally responsible, our trained team transports your oil waste to a recycling facility.


Strict EPA regulations making disposing of oil waste difficult, but it does not have to be.

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