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Decorative epoxy flooring provides a unique combination of beauty and durability. Epoxy flooring is a versatile chemical solution that is practical, long-lasting, highly resistant to impact, and customizable for any space. Whether you need an elegant entrance to a restaurant or need a surface to withstand industrial work – there is an epoxy floor system right for your space.

Epoxy Flooring You can protect any floor and its life with an attractive and durable epoxy finish.

Concrete Polishing Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material that has a smooth shine finish.

Industrial Coatings Industrial coatings for all surfaces, including machines and equipment.

MMA Flooring MMA Flooring is a resin based coating that allows for fast track installations, typically 60 minutes to receive full trafficking, and is temperature and leak resistant.

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I am so glad I called King Epoxy! I was thinking about doing my floors in my house but I wanted to make sure it came out looking good. My floors turned out even better than expected thanks to King Epoxy!
- Amanda H, Valued Client


We can take your home, garage, or home office to the next level of aesthetics and protection.


We can take your warehouse, showroom, hanger, office, or machinery to the next level of aesthetics and protection.

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