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King Epoxy by TG

Upgrade your dull, stained floors to a unique flooring experience with epoxy – a combination of beauty and durability. Old, chipped floors can be a hazard, posing dangers like structural damage, personal injury or lead to high renovation costs. Prevent your floors from becoming a liability by trusting in professionals like King Epoxy by TG whose mission is to protect your floors. Specialized in epoxy flooring, this team consistently provides quality results in transforming cracked, stained, uneven floors into a smooth shine finish.

Epoxy is an easy to maintain versatile chemical solution that is practical, long-lasting, highly resistant to impact, and customizable for any residential or commercial space. All of our floors are quoted with a final clear coat polyaspartic or polyurethane to protect the life of the floor. 

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I am so glad I called King Epoxy! I was thinking about doing my floors in my house but I wanted to make sure it came out looking good. My floors turned out even better than expected thanks to King Epoxy!
- Amanda H, Valued Client


We can take your home, office, or garage to the next level aesthetically and functionally.


Keep your visitors safe, upgrade your floor’s surface with a trusted and protected material like epoxy.

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