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The hoistway is a hole in which the cab of the elevator runs. It contains control boxes and wires used to operate the function of the elevator. With regular daily use of your elevator, dust, dirt and grime build up on the interior walls, cables, and door sills. Since the hoistway is not commonly seen, it can easily be neglected.

If it goes without maintenance or cleaning for a long period of time you can face multiple safety hazards. Dirt and dust particles gather to the full length of the elevator hoistway and can cause difficulties with the functioning of the elevator leading to downtime, passenger injury, and even compromise your building’s reputation. The door sill and tracks for example, need cleaning as they are essential for the correct functioning of the doors of the elevator. The biggest threat facing a dirty hoistway is the possibility of it becoming a fire hazard as dust is very flammable. Besides the accumulation of dust, cables and structural bars can become exposed and cause major damage to the elevator, also putting passengers and technicians at risk.

Regular hoistway cleaning is the best way to keep a safe and functioning elevator system. Keep out any inexperienced personnel and trust trained and professional technicians like TG Oil Services to take care of your elevator needs. Get a FREE consultation today to see which of the hoistway maintenance TG Oil offers right for you: cleaning, wiping down, restoring, and painting.

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