For starters, what is a sump pump? A sump pump is a submersible pump system placed at one of the lowest points of a building to remove and send excess water away, keeping the area dry and safe from flooding.Read More
Your elevator makes an average of 200,000 trips a year. And there are around 900,000 operating elevators in the U.S alone according to the National Elevator Industry. That totals over 18 billion elevator trips annually! Daily use of machinery likeRead More
Just about every industry and commercial activity produces waste. Industrial facilities for example, generate approximately 7.6 billion tons of industrial solid waste annually in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency has strict regulations on waste management under the Resource ConservationRead More
Flooring plays an important role as a foundation, aesthetically and functionally. It is one of the most used pieces of a room. Everyone entering your building, work space, or garage will walk on your floor, many of them noticing itRead More
Is rust a silent natural disaster? One of the most common types of corrosion occurs right in front of us but goes unnoticed. When the mediation of metal, like iron or steel, and its environment combine, specifically with water (hydrogen)Read More
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