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A machine room is a designated room for essential elevator mechanics and electrical controllers used to operate the elevator. In order to keep the elevator system secure and functioning properly, it is very important to follow the strict requirements set for the machine room to ensure the safety of the controllers, passengers, and actual elevator itself.

If a machine room is not checked on or maintained there could be a disaster looming inside. Water intrusion is known to occur in a machine room which would cause many electrical problems, as well as, increase in humidity and mold development. In addition, a dirty machine room could be a fire hazard as the dust and dirt accumulated is highly flammable. This is one of the most dangerous scenarios as it increases the danger to your building, passengers, technicians, and building personnel, not to mention lead to high renovation costs.

However, this can be prevented. Regular maintenance and check ups are a great way to prevent any elevator malfunctions. Contact trusted professionals with experience in elevator services like TG Oil Services. They offer consistent quality results in machine room cleaning, waterproofing, and restoration.

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Very professional and serious company that exceeded our expectations on the restoration of our elevator pit. We fully recommend them to anyone.
- AVC Manager, Valued Client


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TG Oil Services offers machine room waterproofing to prevent flooding, cleaning, and  solutions to mechanical malfunctions.

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