When was the last time you checked out your elevator pit? If it’s been a while don’t be surprised if you see trash! It is very common for trash to accumulate in an elevator pit over time. The problem is that it is a fire hazard and has to be removed immediately. Dust also collects in a pit and can be unpleasant. This is why we always carry our HEPA Certified Pulse-Bac Vacuums in our vans to each job. The latest technology in the market helps us provide you a clean and safe elevator pit environment.

Elevator pit cleaning is always a work in progress. Typically, clean elevators are an indication that the bin has an elevator maintenance program and a proactive elevator maintenance person. Elevator pit cleaning is vital to avoid the accumulation of trash and dust over time. Moreover, Elevator pits, just like railroad pits or auto oil changing pits get dirty with oil, grease, metal shavings and dirt should be cleaned before more oils or excrements can cause a health hazard to anyone that comes within breathing distance, besides, it is a fire hazard and has to clean up immediately. Cracks, leaks, or other damage to any part of your elevator pit can create a safety hazard for your riders and the maintenance crew too. All this can be discovered on time and restored during a routine elevator cleaning process to avert extreme damages or emergency situation.

With the latest elevator pit cleaning technology in the market, the TG Oil Company provides you with a clean, well maintained and safe elevator pit environment that guarantees optimal operation.

Amongst other services, our company specializes in the cleaning of elevator pits.

To safely remove all oil contaminants, first, we vacuum and dry out any water before applying the microbial cleaning solutions. If there is a large amount of standing water with oil, Mr. Genesis will be used to absorb the excess water. This process will reveal what buildup is at the bottom of the elevator pit such as oil, dirt, etc. The sludge must be scraped off before using the microbes. Then the surfaces (walls and floors) need to be sprayed down with water and application of Mr. Surface. Mr. Surface eats hydrocarbons that is, oil, grease, diesel fuel, etc. Usually, it takes about two hours for the microbes to do their work, depending on the amount of oil and grease.

The key advantages of this process are that the Microbial Restoration Services products are environmentally friendly hence preparation time is reduced by 50% due to not having to protect elevator components from the microbial cleaning solution. The concrete floor is free of all oil contaminants after one hour of scrubbing. Mr. Genesis Super Absorbent Polymer is then used to pick up the rinse water. There are no volatile organic compounds, there is no chemical residue left behind, and no neutralizing is needed. Mr. Surface is the professional’s choice for pit cleaning and remediating

Nevertheless, the following parts also considered for a wholesome elevator pit cleaning service;

  • Lift shaft cleaning; the landing doors and door equipment are vacuumed, degreased and cleaned of any debris. The lift shaft structure and any steel work cleaning will be done to a professional standard ensuring the removal of all dirt, grease, and dust and lastly, any internal panels as well as steel fascia will be thoroughly cleaned and polished
  • Lift pit cleaning; involves the removal of all the debris. The pit floor and all pit equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and the area will be thoroughly vacuumed and also sanitized if required
  • Lift car exterior; Lift car top will be swept and degreased, the lift doors and door equipment will be thoroughly degreased and cleaned. Ensure the cleaning of all the debris from the car track and toe guard.
  • Lift car interior; all surfaces will be wiped clean, the sweeping and mopping of the floor if necessary using an antibacterial solution and all other surfaces such as handrails, glass, and buttons will be polished using appropriate materials

The TG Oil Company ensures that your elevator pit is safe and operates efficiently without any hitch, for best the maintenance routine, we are at your service.

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