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Elevator pits are particularly susceptible to water intrusion and can quickly become a source of elevator malfunctions, mosquito breeding, rusted pipes, and costly damage if left unchecked. It’s no secret that such issues can lead to increased risks for passengers and even threaten your business operations. Here at TG Oil Services, we understand these challenges, and our approach to solving these issues is as careful as it is comprehensive. We proudly offer professional elevator pit waterproofing, restoration, and sealing services.

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Waterproofing your elevator pit is one of many steps to ensure its safety. Our team is fully equipped to enter the elevator pit, extract any contained water, and appropriately dispose of it in compliance with EPA regulations. We then meticulously clean the pit to prepare it for the next stages of our treatment.

Elevator Pit Sealing

Our team doesn’t just stop at cleaning the pit. We work diligently to uncover the source of the water intrusion. Once identified, we drill into the identified area and seal it off with hydro grout injection. This helps ensure that the elevator pit is clean and safeguarded against future water intrusions.

Elevator Pit Restoration

For our elevator pit sealing process, we apply a final coat of cement, followed by layers of paint and flakes. This not only gives your elevator pit a polished look but also creates a slip-free surface, ensuring the safety of your elevator mechanics.

The result is a transformed elevator pit that offers robust, long-lasting protection. Our approach ensures that you can avoid potential liabilities, save on time and money, and, most importantly, keep your passengers safe.

Free Elevator Pit Inspection

Our commitment extends beyond a one-time service. We’re invested in elevator pit restoration and aim to build lasting client relationships, which is why we offer free elevator pit inspection. This allows us to understand your specific needs, provide insight into what services you could benefit from, and give us the best possible start to our partnership.

After your service, we offer a five-year warranty for a water-free elevator pit that’s prepared to pass annual elevator inspections. At TG Oil Services, we strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction and peace of mind. Visit our contact page or call us at 954-874-0930 to get started.

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