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Elevator pits are highly susceptible to water intrusion, most commonly from broken pipes, natural disasters, and faulty structural foundations. This contained water can quickly lead to a variety of complications like elevator malfunctions, mosquito breeding, rusty pipes and costly damages. If this is not identified and treated it could cause harm to passengers or even put you out of business.

Restore and waterproof your elevator pit with TG Oil Services. Efficient, reliable and thorough, this certified team of professionals provides excellent elevator pit waterproofing and restoration. Always in compliance, we carefully enter the elevator pit with all necessary equipment, properly remove the contained water and dispose of it as required by the EPA. After removing the water, we clean the pit, find the source of the water intrusion, drill accordingly, and seal it with hydro grout injection. A final coat of cement is applied with layers of paint and flakes for a slip free floor that is safe for your elevator mechanics. This results in a newly transformed elevator pit with long-lasting protection that keeps your passengers safe, saves you time and money, and avoids possible liabilities. Our mission of creating loyal client-relationships starts with a FREE elevator pit  inspection. After service is provided, we offer a five-year warranty of a water-free elevator pit ready to pass annual elevator inspections.

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Efficient, Reliable, Thorough are only a few words to describe the service provided by TG Oil Services. I totally recommend their company.
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