Sump-Pump Removal & Replacement

Water intrusion in an elevator pit is a common problem – to remedy the issue many areas regulated that a system must be placed in a pit to remove water: a sump-pump. This is found in ASME A17.1 the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators. The elevator pit sump pump removes water and pushes it into a waterway, such as a sewer, without harm.  When the sump-pump encounters oil it sends a signal, and stops working. Pumping oily water into your areas waterway is illegal and dangerous. That is when an oily water recovery company, like TG Oil Services, is contacted to remove the pooled oil and water.

If there are sprinklers in the elevator hoistway then a sump-pump is required because it is the only way to effectively remove the sprinkler water. If your elevator unit demands a sump-pump then we suggest on ensuring that the device is well maintained. Like any mechanical part it will break over time if its condition is overlooked. If your sump-pump is not operational then call TG Oil Services today to schedule an inspection and we will replace the sump-pump immediately and give you a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

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