Elevator pit is one of the lowest points of a building. It may occasionally develop leaks from water infiltration due to broken pipelines, excess groundwater through faulty structural foundations or natural disasters.

Water in an elevator can potentially cause mechanical parts such as pit channels, guide rails and buffers to rust and eventually break affecting the elevator shaft completely. The entire electrical system of the building could be repaired if the electric cables are exposed and the pit light fixtures damaged. A faulty electrical system apart from just affecting the efficiency of the elevator pit, it can easily cause a fire in the building.

Moreover, if the water in an elevator pit mixes with oil and trash, it creates a foul odor and a home for mosquito breeding. This foul odor travels from the elevator pit to the rest of the building cause the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which can readily produce the occupants to experience symptoms such as headaches and difficulty in breathing. Nevertheless, standing water offers the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known to cause a health hazard because they carry diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya Fever and Encephalitis.

Besides, the mixture of trash can be flammable if it comes into contact with the release of chemical substances from the garbage items. Hence this prompts the need for the elevator to be maintained and water contained quickly in case of an emergency.

The one simple solution and preventative measure are waterproofing your elevator pit. The TG Oil Services exists to help you prevent any safety, health and fire hazards. TG Oil services is a leading elevator pit waterproofing servicing company that will ensure that your elevator is safe, efficient and adheres to the safety codes for elevators and escalators.

Just at the shortest notice possible, our highly trained and skilled team will go to the job site and thoroughly inspect to ascertain the source of water intrusion. Every job case is evaluated exclusively due to the varied conditions under which it may occur. The actual process of waterproofing an elevator pit varies from one contractor to another. However, the necessary steps taken to ensure that the hole is waterproofed are;

  • Cleaning and draining the elevator pit

The first step to waterproofing the elevator pit is the draining of any standing or contaminated water; the trash or debris removed and surfaces are cleaned and dried.

  • Inspection

Inspect the elevator pit. Examination helps in ascertaining the cause of the leakage. Any points of compromise in the pit’s walls will also be checked and repaired

  • Application of waterproofing system

The application of the waterproofing system depends on the contractor’s preferences. These systems defer from one contractor to the next. The TG Oil services company, we perform our highly effective two-step waterproofing method. The repair and restoration services are keenly and exhaustively done to avoid further damage as well as increase efficiency of the elevator pit.

  • Coating fixtures and fittings

Reinforcement of the bars or redoing them may be needed. Metal coatings for any rusted steel in the elevator pit will be treated to remove rust and then the steel coated to prevent exposure to moisture in the future and rust. The electrical fittings and fixtures in the elevator pit will also be repaired to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

Elevator waterproofing can be involving and expensive. To be sure of great results for a long-term, it is therefore essential to consider a contractor that has experience and consider a waterproofing method that will provide you with years of excellent performance. Moreover, investing in regular maintenance services for the elevator pit is vital to improve the efficiency of the waterproofing solution.

The TG Oil service offers a 5 Year Warranty on any job of elevator pit waterproofing done, hence this will cater for any eventuality within this period. For efficiency and reliability in elevator pit waterproofing try the TG Oil Company.

Elevator pits are very susceptible to water intrusion, usually because they are the lowest point of a building. Natural disasters, broken pipe lines and faulty structural foundations are the most common ways that water enters an elevator pit. Once the water is contained, it very quickly becomes the cause of many costly damages. Pit channels and rails will begin to corrode, exposed electrical wires and outlets are at risk, the integrity of the entire elevator will be endangered, and more. We believe that waterproofing your elevator pit is the best and safest option for you and your guests!

When an elevator pit is overlooked and not well maintained, the daily wear and tear will begin to negatively affect the conditions of each structural part. Pit channels, bottom of rails, spring buffers, light fixtures and electrical outlets will rust and break. If not fixed, the result could be a failed elevator pit inspection. Your safety and up to date maintenance is our priority. We evaluate each job case by case and restore what is not in optimum condition.

Our trained and skilled team will first go to the job site and find the source of water intrusion. Once found, we perform our highly effective two-step waterproofing method. The pit is then cleaned, restored, cemented, painted and flaked. The final result is a beautiful and waterproofed elevator pit ready to pass inspections.

Understandably most cases of water intrusion are beyond our control and that is why every pit we waterproof has a 5 Year Warranty!

Please look at our before and after photo gallery to see our elevator pit waterproofing work.