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The region has several cleaning companies, but none of them equates to the services that TG Oil Services provides to our esteemed clients. We will help you with elevator pit waterproofing and cleaning, liquid waste removal, transportation and disposal, and hoistway and machine room cleaning, and sump pump removal and replacement.

One approach that sets us apart from the competition is the quality of services that we provide. We have a highly skilled crew that handle all our cleaning services. The team that we employ has the right training to work on the various tasks. TG Oil Services has also invested heavily in modern equipment to help us in providing high-quality services to our clients. Because of this equipment, we provide efficient services at affordable costs. We take the shortest time possible to work on your projects but still deliver the best results. Our pricing system is flexible, and we will bill you according to the volume of your work. TG Oil Services remains the best option if you are looking for the best value for your money. We are available on a 24/7 basis especially if you are looking for emergency services. TG Oil Services is only a call away, and you can rely on us.

Our Main Services

  • Elevator pit waterproofing

Several companies offer elevator pit waterproofing services, but none of them is like TG Oil Services. We will make sure that your elevator pit does not have any leakages. Our professionals use the right materials that make sure that there is no re-occurrence of the same problem. Leakage in the elevator water can have adverse effects, and we will help you to control the situation. Feel free to call our professionals if you are shopping for elevator pit waterproofing.

  • Elevator pit cleaning

Making sure that your elevator pit is always clean is good. However, this is a highly specialized activity that you cannot handle by yourself. You need some special skills and equipment to handle this assignment. TG Oil Services has the right expertise to handle any elevator pit cleaning assignments. We will give you high-quality services at the most competitive rates in the market.

  • Elevator pit services

There are several maintenance services that your elevator pit will require over time. TG Oil Services will help you in handling all of these assignments. We will make sure that your elevator pit is clean. TG Oil Services also has a highly specialized team for work on elevator pit waterproofing services. We desire to make sure that your elevator pit is functioning correctly throughout the day.

  • Liquid waste removal

TG Oil Services has all it takes to remove any form of liquid waste from your residential or industrial places. Some of these liquids are a threat to human, animal, and plant life. You don’t have to stay with such liquids around you for a long time. It could be wastewater, oil, or leakages from the industry. We have the right tankers that will suck all waste liquids. Our team will also dispose of these liquid wastes in a very responsible manner.

  • Liquid waste transport

Liquid waste transportation needs to be handled with a lot of care. Some of these liquids are harmful and should not leak into the environment while under transit. Such liquids can end up becoming a health hazard to the environment. TG Oil Services has the right tankers to transport any form of liquid. We are a responsible brand when it comes to liquid waste transportation.

  • Liquid waste disposal

Liquid disposal needs to be done in a very responsible manner. TG Oil Services knows how and where to dispose of any form of waste liquid in your home or factory. It does not matter whether you are dealing with wastewater, oil, sewage, etc. TG Oil Services has tankers that we use in carrying all the waste liquids. The trucks are appropriately sealed and hence will not penetrate into the environment. Therefore, we don’t cause any environmental pollution when disposing of the waste liquids.

  • Hoistway cleaning

Hoistway cleaning is a specialized task that you should not try to handle by yourself. As a company, we have the right equipment that we will use in cleaning your hoistway. We aspire to make sure that this section of your building is sparkling clean.

  • Machine room cleaning

Both residential and commercial places have different types of machines. Most people don’t have the right expertise to clean these rooms. You need a special detergent that will remove any stubborn stains from the machine room. You should also be careful so that the water does not spill over to the sensitive parts of your machine. You may end up damaging your machine and get into significant losses. Machine room cleaning can also lead to accidents if you don’t walk around with care.  TG Oil Services offers the best machine room cleaning in the region. Our cleaners are thorough and will make sure that you are working in a clean and safe environment.

  • Sump pump removal

There comes a time when your sump basin is full of water, and you need someone to help you drain the water away. We offer the best sump pump removal services in the region. Our professionals will remove all the water from your sump basin and leave it dry again. We also clean up the sump basin to help you maintain high hygienic standards in your home.

  • Sump pump replacement

Do you have a high water accumulation in your water collection sump basin in the basement of your home? If the answer is yes, you should be looking for a sump pump to use in removing the water. This tool is one of the most critical equipment in any home. However, like any other electronic devices, there comes a time when your sump pump fails. TG Oil Services are on the leading end when it comes to sump pump replacement. We will make sure that the new equipment serves you adequately for an extended period. Our professionals offer the best services when you are looking for someone to bring sump pump services your way.

In summary, TG Oil Services offers the best services in the region. We have the largest customer base because if the high-quality services that we provide to our esteemed clients. Feel free to call our team now to get your free quotation. We aspire to give you the best services at the most competitive rates in the market. All of our services come with a warranty to make sure that we protect your interests. TG Oil Services is also insured and licensed. Therefore, you can be sure that you are in safe hands by trading with us.

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