collection of water in an elevator pit
Florida summers are an invitation for mosquitoes to thrive. Warmer temperatures and higher moisture levels in the summer attract disease-carrying mosquitoes. More rainfall means a higher probability of seeing areas with contained water– a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These breedingRead More
It is necessary to maintain a clean elevator pit, and it goes beyond making sure trash beneath the elevator is cleared. Making sure that your elevator pit is waterproofed is another way to avoid messy problems and health risks. ForRead More
water seeps through elevator pit walls
Florida, known for its tropical climate, gets heavy rains beginning May through October– with the consideration of hurricane season that barrels in June 1 through Nov. 30. The coastal state's vulnerability to heavy rains and severe storms is nothing newRead More
When there is a build up of contained water in a pit it mixes with oil and trash, creating a foul odor and puts the integrity of the shaft at risk. The process of disaster could be immediate or gradual–Read More
Your elevator pit could be violating code. To avoid fines, here's what you need to know: There could be an intrusion of water or oily liquid waste that has settled at the bottom of the elevator pit. This type of intrusionRead More
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