How Does Water Get into an Elevator Pit?

Water intrusion can be caused by things such as a natural disaster, a broken pipe, or a drain back up. Since elevator pits are usually the lowest point in a building they are susceptible to flooding. Check out our blog post for more information: Is Your Elevator Pit Violating Code?

Is It Illegal for There to Be Water in an Elevator Pit?

Yes, the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators prohibits the accumulation of water and oil on pit floors; section

What Is a Sump-Pump?

A Sump-Pump is a water extraction equipment normally installed in an elevator pit. The Sump-Pump hole is normally 24 x 24 per code to remove water from the pit.

What Damage Does Water in an Elevator Pit Cause?

Contained water in an elevator pit can potentially cause mechanical parts, such as, pit channels, guide rails, and buffers to rust and break, endangering the integrity of the elevator shaft completely. If electrical cables are exposed pit light fixtures are damaged, and the entire electrical system of the building could be affected.


Which Services Does TG Oil Services Provide?

Check out Our Services page. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we would be happy to start a conversation.

Why Should I Work With TG Oil Services?

At TG Oil Services we put the needs of our customers first, we prove this with our five year elevator pit waterproofing warranty and our satisfaction guarantee policy. You won’t find another team more personable and happy to provide you quality service.

Where Does TG Oil Services Dispose of the Oil That's Removed?

TG Oil Services provides our customer a manifest with the details of the amount of oil that was collected and where it was disposed.

Where Does TG Oil Services Provide Services?

TG Oil Services provides services throughout the entire state of Florida.

How Long Has TG Oil Services Been in Business?

TG Oil Service has been a business for four years. With over 25 years of relative professional experience in the elevator industry.

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