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TG Oil Services is the industry leading elevator pit waterproofing company in the state of Florida. Our highly qualified team is committed to customer satisfaction and outstanding work quality. The services we offer range from complete pit cleaning to oily water recovery to waterproofing, executed with the best equipment in the field. Additionally, we are licensed and insured to transport used oil and liquid waste to specific licensed facilities for appropriate disposal.

Give us a call today for a free inspection and estimate or submit the form on our contact page if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to serving you!

If you are interested to know how the idea of TG Oil Services began and details on how our team got to where it is today, then please read our interview with Voyage MIA! We hope you enjoy our story.

TG Oil Services

If you are not looking forward to contract TG Oil Services then, you are missing a lot in terms of efficient, fast, effective and pocket friendly elevator pit cleaning, sump pump and liquid waste removal services. We boast years of experience, expertise, competence and genuine elevator pit services. If you doubt our ability to turn your problem to a long-term solution, keep reading and learn about the competitive services that our experts offer.

TG Oil elevator pit services

When you come to us, here are the elevator pit services you should expect from our team of professionals. They include:

  • Elevator pit waterproofing
  • Elevator pit cleaning
  • Liquid waste removal
  • Liquid waste transport
  • Liquid waste disposal
  • Hoistway cleaning
  • Machine room cleaning
  • Sump pump removal
  • Sump pump replacement

For issues concerning your elevator pit, contact us and within a short while we will get back to you with effective solutions. No matter the time of the day, you can call our emergency team and enjoy fast and long-lasting elevator pit services.  Also, you can contact our customer care desk and enquire about our services, prices and discount offered on various elevator pit services.

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Natural disasters, leaking pipes and faulty structural foundations are the most common issues that makes  water to intrude your elevator pit leading  to elevator malfunctions. Elevator Pit being one of the building’s parts that is very susceptible to water intrusion, having the right service men for the job is a necessity. Our highly skilled workforce believe in resolving elevator water intrusions disaster by waterproofing the elevator pit to avoid situations of elevator suspender’s corrosion and damage to the electrical wires supporting the elevator functionality.

We employ only the best of the best labor that go to details of the problem and come up with competitive and effective solutions. To ensure quality services, we find the source of water intrusion, block it, clean the pit, cement and paint it to ensure the end result is a waterproofed elevator pit ready for use and inspection. Moreover, we offer a 5 year warranty for elevator waterproof service for both commercial and residential buildings.

Elevator pit cleaning

It’s common to find your elevator pit trashed over time. However, this should not give you sleepless nights; we can remove the trash immediately and restore the pit in its original status. We use standard equipment such as the HEPA Certified Pulse-Bac Vacuums and our experts incorporate the latest technology to ensure a clean and safe elevator pit. No matter, the level of dust clogging or the quantity of trashed in elevator pit, we are here to make it clean as new.

Liquid waste removal

Stagnant water makes the perfect breeding place for mosquitoes and a source for filthy odors. Our highly trained teams use our vacuum trucks to suck all the water in the elevator pit and leave it spotless clean.

Liquid waste transport

If you are wondering where we take the liquid waste sucked from your elevator pit, here is the answer. We are a licensed and insured company that transport liquid wastes to appropriate disposal sites; we use our trucks to transport liquid waste to facilities that handle liquid waste where it’s treated and disposed of.

Liquid waste disposal

We ensure all liquid wastes from elevator pit are properly disposed by using proper disposal ways to protect the environment and prevent any risk of contamination. Some of the ways our experts use to dispose liquid waste include:

Composting – turning the liquid organic into compost

Incineration – burning up hazardous liquid waste to eliminate oils, acids and chemicals

Root zone – passing the liquid wastes through sedimentation tank and various filtration processes to make it pure enough for use.

Disposal companies – we have a fleet of trucks that collect liquid waste, and transport it to water treatment facilities where it’s treated and disposed of safely.

Hoistway cleaning

In our list of services is the hoistway cleaning. We understand how frustrating a trashed hoistway can be, especially when dust particles and trash builds up. Usually, a dusty hoistway bring dirt into the door track and sills making the elevator doors to malfunction. We offer a variety of regular hoistway cleaning services to ensure a safe and perfectly working elevator doors. Our team of professionals offers a complete cleaning and scraping of hoistway rails, moving parts and guides for a superb elevator door operation.

Hoistway cleaning services include:

  • Complete hoistway cleaning
  • Hoistway wall painting
  • Hoistway wall cleaning, repairs and patching
  • Scraping of hoistway rails
  • Cleaning of hoistway moving parts and guides

Whether your hoistway is damply or water ingress, book an appointment with the experts and experience the goodness of having a reliable, pocket friendly and effective hoistway cleaning service.

Machine room cleaning

The machine room is where the elevator controller are located; it’s the area in the building that makes the elevator to operate with efficiency, and without proper cleaning and maintenance, the elevator is prone to malfunctions.  We understand how frustrating it can be to have a malfunctioning elevator due to accumulation of oil leak, trash and dust in the space. As such, our elevator technicians work safely and accordingly to ensure you get the best machine room cleaning service at a fair price.

Sump Pump removal

Sump Pump is a system that is located in the elevator pit to remove water collected in the pit. If it is not working correctly, the elevator pit will hold water for long making it a breeding area for mosquitos and a habitat of many disease causing microorganisms. Like any machine, Sump Pump is prone to malfunctions, and to avoid such instances where your Sump Pump is not working as expected, call us and have it removed immediately.

Sump Pump replacement

Besides Sump Pump removal, we offer Sump Pump replacement services. Don’t wait until your sump pump fails; if you notice anything unusual, such as mildew or mold or loud noises, it’s time to have the sump pump replaced. Also, if your sump pump is more than 10 years old, it may be wise to have it replaced; the typical lifespan of sump pumps is 10 years.

Here at TG Oil services we advise you on the best model and brand to replace your malfunctioning sump pump, as well as have the new sump pump installed. We rely on companies that sell standard, reliable and efficient sump pump for all our sump pump replacements and installations.

If you live in a storm prone area, we recommend adding a second sump pump that is battery-powered because it will serve the purpose during power outages and when the primary sump pump breaks down.

Although you can replace the sump pump all by yourself by following the manual guide, it’s probably a wise decision to hire a professional to do it for you. Our experts are more than ready to come to your rescue from basement water damages due to a broken sump pump. We specialize in sump pump replacement and installation should you need a new sump pump installation or replacement.

Finally, our team of professionals can customize any elevator pit cleaning service to match your required specifications. For more information regarding TG Oil elevator pit cleaning services and how we can help you resolve all your elevator’s pit issues, contact us today. We would be more than glad to discuss our services, price and discounts in further detail with you.

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