Below are the details of each of the services in TG Oil Services.


One of the services offered by TG Oil Services is the elevator waterproofing. Most workplaces that are allocated at high building often have elevators to help ease the workers get to their floors. And for the elevator to be safe and secure for the workers, they need to be waterproofed to prevent damage. Elevator pit waterproofing protects the safety of the passengers as well as saves the elevator operator time and money. It also serves as an insurance. There is a machine under the elevator that enables it to ascend and descend as commanded. In case the machine is tampered with by water then it causes damage to the elevator and it becomes hard and dangerous for use.

Hence, a company with a good reputation is required for the services and that’s where TG Oil Services is best recommended. We as a leading industry, for oil services have effective types of equipment and competent staff that ensure the job is well done as well as done in the right way. We carry out elevator pit waterproofing in two steps that is through injection and coating.

By injection, our competent staff clears out the settled trash that might have gone through to the bottom as well as disposing of the oily water. We then block the water seepage. Then the second step is coating whereby this is simply sealing the openings that may lead to the water seepage. With this, the elevator can run smoothly for five years without distraction.

Although we do recommend regular checkups by our company as well as follow-ups just to make sure the job was done right and well. Also to ensure that if any other problem with the elevator arises we can fix it as soon as we can to avoid future distractions.

Therefore as a company or an industry that really care for the well being of the employees as well as the environment it is good to always have your elevator being checked regularly by competent staff as well as a leading company with good reputation. We TG Oil Services are there for you.


Most companies are well known for cleanliness in and out of their offices as well as a cool and clean environment for their employees as well as their clients. But have you ever thought of the dirt that accumulates in the elevators? Do you know how much trash and dust that is there just underneath the elevator? Do you know the harm that can be caused by the trash and dust? This trash can be a fire hazard and hence it needs to be cleaned and also for the sake of the safety of the people around. TG Oil Services as a leading company known for elevator pit cleaning can do this with no time and leave your elevator clean and safe.

Our vans always carry around HEPA certified pulse with BAC vacuums. This is the latest technology around the world and we have it. Hence you are assured that the elevator of the company is well cleaned and also safe for use.


TG Oil Services carries out every activity that is related to the elevator that is the maintenance. We ensure that your elevator is fit for working with and safe. We carry out waterproofing services, this is by clearing out the water that might have settled beneath the elevator that can cause damage. Then we seal the openings that can lick in water by coating.

We also clean the elevators pit by clearing out the settled trash that is beneath the elevator. The dust and all unnecessary materials. This ensures that the elevator is fit for use as well as safe for the users.

TG Oil Services we assign checkups for the elevators after a certain period of time. We get to follow up on the going of the elevator to ensure it is all good for use as well as in case of any minor problem that occurs we fix it immediately.

We have competent staff for this services and also we use the latest technology hence leaving our clients satisfied and safe working environment.


TG Oil Services carries out liquid waste removal. In the elevator pit, when water passes through and settles at the bottom, it mixes with oil and also debris. This is dangerous as it can lead to mosquitoes on the building which are brought about by stagnant water, leading to diseases and unwanted bad smells in the building. This can lead to the employees in the building as well as the clients staying in an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment. TG Oil Services, we can take care of that by removing the liquid waste and emptying it in our vacuum tracks.

After removing the liquid waste, we then clean the surface wipe it down and deodorize it leaving the elevator clean, safe and fit to pass inspections.

So if you need the best service to remove the waste liquid underneath your elevator TG Oil Services is the company to rely on.


After the removal of the liquid waste, TG Oil Services we have trucks that are designed to carry the liquid waste to their appropriate disposals. The trucks are well designed in that they cannot leak either have good channels for transporting. The transportation cost is always at our cost and hence our clients need not worry.

This ensures that we leave the environment clean and safe.


TG Oil Services, we also care for the environment not only our services. After every operation we carry out, it is our duty to ensure that the environment is left safe and clean for people to use. Hence after we collect the liquid waste and empty them in our tracks, we transport it safely to the appropriate disposal sites using our well-designed tracks.

Hence our clients should not be worried about the disposal after the collection of the liquid waste, we take care of that fully.


The elevator cab has a hole in which it passes through. This is what is referred to as the hoistway. The wires and the control boxes of the elevator are found here. Although different elevator shafts have different designs. But in most cases, this is where the dust and the trash that is entering the elevator tend to settle. Through the day to day activities, the door tracks and the door sills tend to accumulate dust and this makes them very crucial as they function. This could lead to endangering the lives of the people around here who use it. Also in the case of constructions going on in the building, the dust tends to find its way through the hoistway and settles there in the beams and the types of equipment.

TG Oil Services we have competent staff that takes care of all this dirt by cleaning the hoistway thoroughly to avoid the accumulation. We ensure that the elevator is safe and clean for use. This is good as it is not only safe for the technicians but as well as the passengers using the elevator.

Companies should not ignore or assume the cleaning of the hoistway as it is very crucial to the day to day functions of the elevator. If it is not cleaned it can lead to damage putting the lives of the technicians as well as those of the passengers to risk.

TG Oil Services is the best company as well as the leading one for complete cleaning of the hoistway.


In every building with an elevator, there is always the machine room. This is where the drivers and the controllers of the elevators are allocated. Most of the institutions or rather the owners tend to ignore the cleaning of this room or rather takes it lightly. But it is a crucial move to make to ensure the safety of the technicians. The machines might leak oil, there may be trash and the dust that accumulates in the space that needs to be cleaned.

TG Oil Services company is the company to contact for this job if you want it done right efficiently and effectively. We clean out machine rooms and leave them clean and safe for technicians to use. This is also important so as the technicians can work in a safe environment as well as accordingly.

Complete cleaning of machine rooms are often taken lightly but in the real sense, it is a simple but a very necessary service to the technicians as well as the machines themselves. It prevents damage of the machines and many other issues that are crucial. TG Oil Services company we are the best option for this.


The entering of water in elevators pit is a common problem that is encountered all over. According to regulations, the system should be placed in a pit whereby it is able to remove water. This is where the sump pump comes in. The elevator pit sump pump removes water and pushes it into the waterway without causing any harm. The waterway may be such as the sewer. When a sump pump comes across water or rather comes into contact with water, it stops working and sends a signal. Most people tend to pump oily water that is water that has mixed with oil into the waterways and this can be too dangerous and termed illegal. It can lead to dangerous diseases mosquitoes and bad smells.

In the case of such instances, instead of risking people’s lives as well as doing the wrong thing. It is advisable that you contact TG Oil Services as we take care of that. We are a water recovering company and we remove pooled oil and water.

We have certified and competent staff for this job that ensures that it is effectively and well done.

At times there are sprinklers in the hoistway of the elevator and in case of this, a sump pump is required. A sump pump is the only effective way to remove the sprinkler water. Hence an elevator requires a sump pump device well maintained. TG Oil Services company we are the best company to take care of that. We maintain and remove the sump pump that needs to be checked.

We also follow up on our clients’ sump pump to ensure that the going is good and fix the problem that may occur. In case of sprinklers in the elevator contact us and we will get the job done for you and leave them all safe for use.


TG Oil Services, we are the best company for replacements of sump pumps. As elevators units require sump pumps devices, they should be in a good condition as well as well maintained. Sump pumps as any other machinery can break if their conditions are overlooked. Hence with time to time, they need inspections so as the elevator can carry out its day to day activities effectively and efficiently. TG Oil Services, we are the best fit for such as we can replace the sum pumps. If the sump pumps are not operating accordingly, we as the TG Oil Services we replace them. We also carry out inspections and if we find out that they need to be replaced we carry out the replacement immediately.

At TG Oil Services, we also offer our clients a two-year warranty on the spare parts and also the labor.

In case of sump pumps problems contact TG Oil Services and we are here for you for immediate inspections and replacements.

TG Oil Services is the leading company for all the above services. If your facility’s elevator is encountering some problems and needs maintenance we are the company you should consider contacting. For elevator pit waterproofing, elevator pit cleaning, liquid waste removal, transport and disposal, hoistway cleaning, machine room cleaning, sump pump removal and replacement TG Oil Services are the best company to take care of this. We have competent staff as well as certified technicians.

Our technology is up to standard. We have HEPA certified pulse as well as BAC vacuums assuring our clients that our services are the best. A good functioning of an elevator protects the passengers’ safety as well as save the elevator operator time and money. It also serves as insurance to the passengers. TG Oil Services, we have effective types of equipment for use ensuring that the job is well done and in the right way. As a facility owner where there is an elevator running, whether you are concerned or not, the facility’s elevator needs to be maintained at all times and have it inspected regularly.

This ensures that the workers or the passengers are safe and also the passengers are able to acquire trust that they are safe and they can reach to the top floors safely. Also, it is right to ensure that the people offering the services are the right people with professional experience. With this, you get to ensure that as they inspect and confirm the condition of the elevator they are able to note the dents. TG Oil Services we offer all this under one roof.

As an institution it is upon you to make a call to ensure that you have the best services for your elevator around that will ensure that the elevator runs through years without causing any damage as well as it is well maintained and stays as clean as the rest of the environment. Contact TG Oil Services as your number one best-providing services and we will take care of that.