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Why Is Used Oil Regulated?

You’ve probably known how to (or rather, how not to) dispose of oil from a young age. Many homes have a jar, old coffee can, or strong mug that are used to dispose of old bacon grease or frying oil!

While pouring bacon grease into a tin seems straightforward (after all, you don’t want to ruin your pipes by putting it down the sink!), these precautions also exist on a larger scale.

Mechanical, motor, and hydraulic oils are all commonly used in businesses. It is no surprise that, fairly often, businesses must dispose of and recycle that oil.

Some people think that it is fine to dump their oil, of any kind, on or in the ground. That is not the case, and doing so can have consequences ranging from community service all the way up to jail time. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has strict guidelines on how to recycle and manage used oil and it is imperative to follow these guidelines.

Below is a main reason why these guidelines exist.


Prevents Pollution

The main reason for used oil regulation is undoubtedly the fact that it prevents pollution. What that entails, however, is much more complex; preventing pollution is not just the preservation of our earth and being environmentally friendly. It means ensuring we take precautions that don’t have dire consequences. Preventing pollution does not only ensure the earth’s longevity, but the health of all those who inhabitant it.

If not disposed of or recycled properly, used oil can harm animals, plants, and contaminate drinking water.

At TG Oil Services, we are proud to assist your business in safely removing, transporting, and disposing of your used oil.

We are licensed and certified per EPA requirements, and handle used oil with care. For years, we have proudly served the South Florida area with not only their used oil needs, but much, much more. To inquire about our services, visit us online or call us at 954-874-0930.

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