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2021 Recap: Celebrating TG Oil’s 7th Year of Business

Find out how TG Oil’s 7th year in business went from being featured on TV to diverting thousands of gallons of oily water from the environment

After 2020’s intensity of a year, one positive about 2021 was that it was already bound to be better.

2021 became a time for everyone to get back on their feet.

A time to put the past behind and start moving towards a better future.

A time to reassess business goals, even personal health goals, and find ways to maximize them and adapt to current circumstances.

During TG Oil’s 7th year as a business, here are some of their 7 best achievements:

  1. Featured on TV
  2. Became medical waste handling certified and licensed
  3. Expanded their nationwide jobs
  4. Became the first choice to leading elevator companies
  5. TG’s Decorative flooring jobs grew
  6. Restored over 600+ elevator pits
  7. Diverted approx. 100k gallons of oily water/used oil

1. TG Oil was on TV

Lights, camera, elevator pits! TG Oil was proudly featured as an industry leading business with an important and innovative mission.

They appeared on South Florida’s Inside the Blueprint: Local Edition, a fast-paced TV series that takes a sweeping look at innovations in the commercial construction and design spaces, chronicling ideas and products that impact how we live, work and play.

2. Medical waste certifications

Now more than ever, the need to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs is at an all time high.

TG Oil technicians do their best to help stop the spread of viruses by getting their staff trained and certified to safely remove medical waste from elevator pits.

In most health facilities, medical waste can get trapped and accumulate in elevator pits. This safety hazard puts health care staff, passengers, and technicians at risk of spreading bacteria and blood borne pathogens.

By being medical waste certified, not only does it keep elevator pit technicians safe, but it keeps your entire elevator system and its passengers safe.

3. Nationwide elevator pit waterproofing

Ever since TG Oil’s partnership with Elevator Waterproofing Solutions (EWS) they’ve been able to offer elevator pit waterproofing services to the entire United States!

And this year, they expanded their services to yet another location: Washington, D.C.

TG Oil is proud to expand outside of Florida and provide their excellent service to any location in America.

4. First choice for leading elevator companies

One of TG Oil’s biggest achievements this past year was being the go-to elevator pit servicing company to some of the nations’ largest elevator companies.

This is a huge achievement that represents the trust and excellent quality services TG Oil delivers, no matter how big or small the job.

full flake epoxy decorative floors

5. King Epoxy by TG grew makeover jobs

TG Oil’s decorative flooring company, King Epoxy by TG, increased their jobs all across South Florida.

During a time when most people were at home, decorative flooring became something worth investing in.

King Epoxy by TG only uses high quality materials to provide durable and long lasting epoxy floors. Give your garage floors the look of elegance, shine and luxury all at an affordable price (shh, we won’t tell anyone).

elevator pit waterproofing
TG Oil’s specialized elevator pit waterproofing

6. Restoration of elevator pits

TG Oil is fully committed to protecting and preventing water from entering elevator pits by using a specialized waterproofing method and carrying out intensive cleaning.

Although businesses and normalities have fluctuated with the uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, TG Oil’s dedication to keeping people and elevators safe has not wavered.

They know accidents happen and natural disasters happen, which can affect the longevity and safety of elevator systems. That’s why they’ve not stopped spreading awareness about the dangers that could be looming below ground in your elevator pit.

This 2021, TG Oil restored over 600+ elevator pits:

  • Approx. 430 elevator pits were waterproofed
  • Approx. 185 elevator pits were cleaned

Not only has this helped keep thousands of people safe but it helps maintain the daily productivity and procedures going on in hospitals, apartments, hotels, and other properties.

TG Oil oily water removal and disposal service
TG Oil certified technicians properly disposing of oily water

7. Oily water and used oil removal

Additionally, TG Oil’s technicians who are certified and licensed to transport oil were able to safely and legally remove approx. 100k gallons of oily water/used oil.

Not only does this avoid oil from ending up in public waterways, canals and beaches creating safety hazards, but TG Oil transports the oily water and used oil to recycling facilities who salvage what they can, decreasing the environmental impact of creating new oil.

While TG Oil was trying to find their bearings during these changing times, one thing about them never changed; their values for respect, trust, love, and faith.

As TG Oil continues to grow, they are looking ahead to 2022 and ready to take business to the next floor.

¡Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!
God bless all.
– TG Oil Family

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