Faith: How it’s in Everything TG Oil Does

Get to know the TG Oil family, who they are, what they stand for and how faith and clients like you help them make a difference.

TG Oil Services Inc was an idea born through prayer.

As devotees to God, TG Oil’s co-founders found themselves praying on how they can help serve the Lord and the world through a business.

Within days, the idea to work on elevator pits was born.

They trusted this was their mission sent directly to them by God.

For months, they worked tirelessly trying to legalize their business of how to remove water from elevator pits.

Pushing through many trials and times of adversity, they felt close to giving up – until another idea came to them: don’t focus on getting water out, prevent water from getting in.

Just like that TG Oil Services came to fruition and became one of the only elevator pit waterproofing companies in South Florida to also be certified to transport and recover oil.

Their commitment to faith and the ministry continues to show as it’s a part of who they are and what they do – in and out of the office.

Everyday they gather in prayer, not only to bless their safety and the day ahead but to express gratitude for their health, clients, business and life.

Additionally, once a week they get together to read scripture because living and sharing the word of the Lord reminds them of their purpose here on Earth.

Not only to serve the Lord, but to carry out their duties as TG Oil and better help and protect millions of people nationwide.

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TG Oil feels passionately about giving back and prioritizing the importance of helping others.

This is why they have chosen to partner with charities that mean the most to them like Heartbeat of Miami and Wounded Warrior Project.

Heartbeat of Miami

This life-saving and life-changing non-profit helps provide medical services to those undergoing unplanned or unwanted pregnancy by using the Gospel of Life.

Their money helps contribute to the competent and caring services that empower women and couples with an education and the message of hope.

Wounded Warrior Project

As a veteran owned business, giving back to a non-profit like Wounded Warrior Project means a lot to them.

By contributing to this non-profit, veterans never have to pay a penny to get the help they need.

This non-profit helps fund the health and wellness of military veterans by providing services such as:

  • Connection to Community
  • Mental Health Services
  • Physical Health Services
  • Career and VA Benefits Counseling
  • Independence Programming

TG Oil is grateful to all their clients for trusting in them to provide exceptional elevator pit waterproofing and oil recovery services.

The amount of people they have been able to help by giving back would not be made possible without the trust and continual commitment of clients like You.

TG Oil hopes you stay safe, blessed, and healthy, if ever you need elevator pit services or oil recovery don’t hesitate to call (954) 874-0930 or schedule a FREE inspection today!

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