How You Can Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Elevator Pit Waterproofing Companies

What you should know about keeping your passengers safe and saving money when waterproofing your elevator pit

Are you someone who always tries to find the best deals with the lowest prices?

Although this can be a great strategy when picking where you want to go out to eat, what car you want to buy or what TV you should get, this is simply not the case when it comes to getting your elevator pit waterproofed and here’s why…

TG Oil Services never wants you to compromise price over quality, especially when it comes to the safety of your passengers and building.

Over a couple of years ago, TG Oil was called to waterproof an elevator pit.

As a normal part of their daily work routine, they didn’t think it would be any different than other waterproofing jobs – that was until they realized this particular elevator pit was already waterproofed.

As they began to inspect it closely, not only was the job done with low quality materials, but the installation was all wrong.

Layers upon layers of the recent waterproofing job were peeled off instantaneously by TG Oil team members.

elevator pit technician
TG Oil technician peels off improper elevator pit waterproofing

This is an example of the type of work you can expect from a company offering cheap, fast, short-term elevator pit waterproofing results.

This doesn’t have to happen to you! Find out how you can avoid getting ripped off a waterproofing job.

What if you could get both the best deal and long-term protection?

There are numerous safety hazards and dangers to having water in an elevator pit (i.e., development of mosquito, mold and rust).

Ensure the professionals you hire are properly licensed and certified to clean your pit. Not to mention are EPA compliant to handle any oily water in your pit. Improper disposal can lead to high paying fines and penalties.

TG Oil Services takes this very seriously, along with providing exceptional customer service.

That’s why they prioritize getting you the safe, lawful, and durable protection you deserve, at a deal you can’t refuse.

Starting with a complimentary free elevator pit inspection, TG Oil will assess your pit and provide you with a free estimate.

After, their certified and licensed trained team will expertly waterproof your elevator pit using their effective, high quality equipment and procedures.

Wait, there’s more – their elevator pit waterproofing comes with an automatic 5-year warranty protection FREE!

That’s up to 5-years of guaranteed protection if any water were to enter the pit through our waterproofing job. Just give us a call and we will fix it at no cost to you.

With over 25+ years of experience in the elevator pit industry, TG Oil Services knows a thing or two about providing the best service. Don’t just take our word for it…

“Guys were professional, on time and left everything spotless. 5 year warranty on work. Double what the competition offered me. Definitely will use again.” – Gilbert, Valued Client

“TG Oil is a fantastic company that stand behind their work. I would recommend the product, their services, customer service and knowledge to anyone.” – Linda, Value Client

TG Oil is a family owned business run by faith. They believe it’s part of their purpose to serve others the highest quality elevator pit protection, not by cutting corners.

When you do business with TG Oil Services, they treat you like family. You will always get the best deal, customer service and elevator pit waterproofing with a guaranteed 5-year warranty protection.

This is just part of their commitment to ensuring you get the quality results you deserve.

If you want years of peace of mind that your passengers and building are safe and protected, leave the dirty work to TG Oil.

I want the best deal on my elevator pit waterproofing.

Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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