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This Could Be You: 6 Years Later and Still No Water

Find out how Miguel managed to get his severely damaged elevator pit repaired and dry for the past six years.

Imagine one day, you find your elevator pit flooded with water.

As a property manager, you wonder: Is this safe? Does this put my passengers at risk? How do I even get the water out of the elevator pit?

You call around trying to find someone who can help you, but no one is willing to commit to cleaning and restoring your water damaged elevator pit.

Now what do you do?

Miguel, a real TG Oil Service client giving a testimony to elevator pit waterproofing
Miguel, a real TG Oil client

This is the true story of a TG Oil Services client, Miguel, who found himself in this situation.

Miguel’s inspirational story was even featured on TV!

He recounts having had such destructive water intrusion in his elevator pit that cleaning services were not willing to restore such bad conditions.

“It caused a lot of damage and nobody really wanted to fix it, until I was recommended TG Oil” Miguel said.

As people in his building were expecting a functioning and safe elevator system, Miguel stated he “needed help fast”.

After being recommended TG Oil Services, he gave them a call right away.

“I got on a call with Carlos. I loved his attitude of ‘I’m going to make it work,’” Miguel said enthusiastically.

Since that first call, Miguel and TG Oil Services have worked together on multiple projects.

He even admits it has been six years since TG Oil Services waterproofed his elevator pit and “it is still without water.” 

Do You Have Water In Your Elevator Pit?

Miguel’s story shows how easily water can wreak havoc in an elevator pit.

Unfortunately, water intrusion is a common problem for pits, as they usually sit below ground; making it easier for water to finds its way inside.

Water in an elevator pit can cause a number of safety hazards such as mold, mosquito breeding, and rusting of elevator parts.

Additionally, removing water from a pit isn’t easy. Chances are the water has mixed with oils and lubricants used in the elevator mechanics.

When this happens, this oily water waste is now an environmental hazard and needs to be disposed of according to strict EPA requirements.

For this reason, it is important that you hire certified and licensed professionals.

Before and after elevator pit waterproofing
TG Oil Services elevator pit waterproofing

Miguel’s testimony proves why TG Oil Services asks you to “Leave the dirty work to us.”

Their certified and EPA licensed team can handle and dispose of medical waste and oily water safely and lawfully.

So avoid the chance of an elevator malfunction and skip paying thousands of dollars in repairs when you can waterproof your elevator pit.

Get the same protection that’s given Miguel peace of mind for the last six years and counting!

TG Oil is committed to doing the right thing for our clients, that’s why we offer a five year warranty protection on our waterproofings at no cost to you.

For more information or to schedule a FREE elevator pit inspection contact TG Oil Services.


Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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