FREE 5 year Protection With Your Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Safe, easy and saves you money: this simple solution helps keep water out of your elevator pit for 5 years

Water is one of the most expensive and damaging things to wreak havoc on your elevator pit.

Since the pit is usually one of the lowest points of the building, this space becomes vulnerable to water intrusion.

Whether through cracks in your wall, after times of heavy rainfall, or due to malfunctioning equipment, water in your elevator pit means time is ticking that your pit is rotting from the inside out.

Water puts your pit at risk of malfunctioning, mixing with hydraulic elevator oil, developing mosquitoes, mold, and rust, not to mention your elevator is now running on a foundation that is threatening the safety of passengers.

If not addressed promptly, this threat of safety is not only a liability to you but can cost you thousands in repairs, and in the most serve cases cause serious injury.

This is a common problem many property mangers face, but don’t have the time to be constantly worrying about.

The solution to maintaining a water-free elevator pit is simple, safe and easy: waterproof your elevator pit.

Waterproofing your elevator pit means restoring it to its original conditions while adding layers of protection for the future.

TG Oil Services, an industry leading elevator pit waterproofing company, is on a mission to serve and protect all while providing customer satisfaction.

Why trust TG Oil’s specialized waterproofing service?

  • Cleans and restores hazardous elevator pits
  • Saves you money and time
  • Gain peace of mind that passengers are safer
  • Guarantees more protection than our competitors’
  • FREE 5-year elevator pit waterproofing warranty

 5 years of protection

We know how time consuming and expensive water damage can be on an elevator pit, so we’ve decided to back our waterproofing service with a 5 year elevator pit warranty.

Whether you have a home elevator, freight elevator or regular service elevator, your one-time purchase of an elevator pit waterproofing job will protect you for the next 5 years.

From the time we finish with our service, if at any point water comes through our waterproofing job, give us a call and any materials, labor or grout-injection will be at no cost to you.

“[These] guys were professional, on time and left everything spotless. 5 year warranty on work. Double what the competition offered me. Definitely will use again.’ – valued client

Don’t wait for something to go wrong before calling the elevator pit waterproofing experts.

Call TG Oil today for a FREE inspection and estimate!

A representative will get back to you to schedule a visit, then after your pit’s been inspected and the waterproofing service has been completed, you won’t have to worry about any more costs, safety risks, or damages for the next 5 years.

This is part of TG Oil’s promise to protect and ensure our customer’s satisfaction.


Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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