Announcing TG Oil Services as Featured on TV: Inside the Blueprint Local Edition

This month TG Oil Services had the exciting opportunity to be featured on Inside the Blueprint (ITB) Local Edition, a fast-paced TV series that takes a sweeping look at innovations in the commercial construction and design spaces, chronicling ideas and products that impact how we live, work and play.

ITB’s platform creatively captures and examines industry leading innovations. Their efforts pave the way for businesses and specialists to expand their understanding and knowledge of innovative ideas happening all over the country.

As they shine a spotlight on different industries, TG Oil Services is proud to have been recognized on ITB’s local edition of South Florida as this is the community we call home, despite providing services across the entire United States.

In the featured episode, TG Oil’s knowledgeable team breaks down what specialized services they offer, their significance, how they can help you, and why their services are superior from other industry professionals.

TG Oil Services technicians are trained once a month on how to safely enter a pit, this ensures their safety and their ability to provide excellent elevator pit services such as cleaning, waterproofing, and oily water removal.

An elevator pit plays an important role as the foundation of an elevator system. A well maintained pit helps ensure the safety of passengers, passing of annual elevator pit inspections, avoids health and environmental hazards, and lowers the risk of liability.

Water intrusion is inevitable in elevator pits as they are underground and usually the lowest point of a building. Cracks in the wall, heavy rainfall, and faulty structural pipes can cause water to seep through.

When water enters your pit, it is ideal to act fast as this can cause a variety of hazards such as mosquito breeding, mold and mildew development, electrical shortages, corrosion of elevator equipment, and in the most severe cases cause serious injury to passengers.

Furthermore, the water in your pit poses an environmental hazard as chances are it will mix with oils used to maintain the pit’s mechanics and trash that falls and accumulates overtime. This now becomes oily water waste that if not disposed of properly by EPA certified professionals can lead to high paying fines and penalties.

This is why maintaining your elevator pit is extremely important and why you should leave the dirty work to TG Oil Services, whose experience, specialized equipment, certifications and trained technicians are a testament to their quality work when handling oily water and effectively waterproofing an elevator pit.

“From the moment our specialized technicians enter the pit, they are undergoing a specific process for correctly handling water in a pit

-President of TG Oil Services, Carlos Touzan

This process can be simplified into five simple steps:

  1. First, the pit’s surface area is completely cleaned. Making sure to remove any oily water, trash, or other items that may disrupt the waterproofing process. This waste is transported to an oil waste and recycling facility in compliance with EPA regulations.
  2. After the pit is entirely cleaned, the search is on for the source of the water intrusion. If there are no obvious signs, we use infrared technology to help precisely locate it.
  3. Once the source is located, it is injected with hydraulic grout that creates a barrier on the exterior of the elevator pit to stop the water from intruding.
  4. Next, everything that has been damaged is restored and our special waterproofing application is worked into the pit.
  5. Finally, a layer of moisture application is inserted to ensure the pit is sealed and keeps moisture out.

TG Oil Services is a family owned business run by faith. Our commitment to protecting and building long-term relationships with our clients is honored with our 5-year warranty protection after our elevator pit waterproofing job is performed.

It is because of the support from clients and business allies like you that we can even be considered for an opportunity to be featured on ITB.

We thank you for trusting in our services and solutions; every job builds our experience and value so we can better serve and protect people and businesses.

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Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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