TG Oil Services Highlights 2020 and Helps You Do Things Right in 2021

It is safe to say 2020 was unprecedented for the entire world, but a new year brings new beginnings.

Last year, TG Oil Services worked even harder to protect elevator passengers like you.

We highlighted some of our proudest achievements from 2020 as we continue to expand our business. Additionally, we want to share with you what you need to know about doing things right in 2021 – for your business, the environment and others.

Our experience at TG Oil Services continues to grow exponentially as we averaged over 1,000 serviced elevator (lift) pits in 2020 including: 

  • about 960 elevator pit cleanings
  • about 150 elevator pit waterproofings

Our dedication did not stop there, here are some additional highlights of our great achievements from last year:

  • New rust product
  • Offering nationwide elevator pit waterproofing services
  • Award winner
  • Sustainable environmental impact

Last year was our 6th year of business and we launched our first product Rustcheck, a transformative rust remover that can turn just about any rust surface into its original iron state.

Rustcheck is safe and effective, not only can it be used on any surface but it’s easy use makes it so you can save on paying high costs for hiring professionals. Read more about the outstanding features, long-lasting protection, and easy application process here.

If parts of your lift pit are corroding, act now and call TG Oil Services to provide their FULL treatment and protection of rust.

The second high achievement for TG Oil in 2020 was joining forces with Elevator Waterproofing Solutions (EWS). This partnership combines the quality services of two powerhouse elevator pit waterproofing companies. We are humbled to be able to service the entire United States with this new venture.

Just when we thought we could not get more proud of all our hard work, TG Oil Services was honored to receive the Best of 2020 Elevator Pit Services Hialeah. Only further conveying our commitment to providing excellent service to our South Florida community and that our services are truly the best.

Finally, TG Oil Services is proud to have had their licensed and EPA certified team transport 300,000 gallons of oily water to disposal sites in 2020. That is part of our mission to offer these services, protect the environment and make it easier for businesses to dispose of their oil waste.

Looking ahead to 2021, TG Oil Services can help you do things right when it comes to:

  • Passing elevator pit inspection
  • Ensuring the safety and health of your building
  • How to get rid of oily water or oil waste
  • Working with a business you can trust

How to pass your elevator pit inspection?

In 2021, when the time comes for your elevator pit to be inspected would it pass?

If you are wondering what’s in an elevator pit, what are the ASME elevator codes, or if you don’t know the condition of your elevator pit, it is probably time you call for an elevator pit inspection.

TG Oil Services offers FREE elevator pit inspections!

Once we determine the condition of your pit, we can then provide the services necessary whether it is elevator pit waterproofing, cleaning, or removal of oily water. We will ensure: 

  • Your pit is clean, waterless and in excellent condition
  • Sump pump is working correctly
  • Pit light functions

It is important to have an elevator pit ready to pass inspection to lower the risk of liability, meet all requirements set by insurance companies, and ensure elevator operations are functioning, which also means securing passengers’ safety.

How to dispose of your oily water or a waste oil collection?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict requirements for oily water or used oil disposal.

If you are caught dumping oil waste somewhere that is not permitted, you can be prosecuted (depending on your state’s laws), as well as face penalties and pay high fines.

Avoid the consequences of illegal dumping and trust professionals that are always in compliance. TG Oil Services’ team is licensed and EPA certified to handle and transport your oil waste. Inorder to do right with the environment and corporate social responsibility, TG Oil Services prioritizes disposing the oil waste at an oil recycling facility. This sets TG Oil Services apart from others and something they are proud of since two hundred million gallons of used oil are improperly disposed of each year.

How can you keep your building healthy and safe?

One of the reasons you should ensure the health and safety of a building is due to sick building syndrome, which describes when people start to become ill due to time spent in a building.

A dirty or wet elevator pit for example, can lead to mosquito breeding and the growth of mildew or mold which can affect health with the opening and closing of the elevator doors, along with the moving elevator lift, pushing the air and exposing passengers and the building floors to poor air quality. TG Oil Services has you protected with their hoistway and elevator pit cleaning and waterproofing services, eliminating all waste, accumulated trash, and the possibility of health hazards.

Who can you trust?

Not all companies are the same – some do not mind charging you more for less, providing mediocre customer service, and not ensuring effective quality results.

Trusting in a service, product, or business means knowing you are getting the best value in return for your investment. TG Oil Services understands it can be difficult to trust a company with your money and assets, so we made it easy for you by being transparent about our mission to provide nothing but top quality customer service and our high excellence elevator standards.

We take pride in serving you and we always treat our clients like family. Let us do business together – call us for a FREE inspection!


Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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