What is an Elevator Pit?

The average elevator carries 20,000 people per year. That means for the average building with an elevator, at least 54 people are relying on this piece of equipment to help them get to their next floor.

Machinery expected to carry this load everyday and continuously perform at peak safety, must rely on a strong foundation to help everything flow as a whole system.

This foundation, similar to being the elevator’s operating system, is below ground in what is called the elevator pit, a part of the elevator not many people are familiar with. Whether a residential or freight elevator, most elevators have an elevator pit.

This pit, although not usually visible to passengers, plays an essential role in effortlessly getting you to your next floor.

Hydraulic Elevator Pit

What is an elevator pit?

Sometimes things turn out to be only as good as their foundation.

An elevator pit (or lift pit) is a space located just below the ground floor. This four walled space is the core of your elevator’s foundation.

Protecting its foundation is an essential part of maintaining your elevator in excellent condition, safe and smooth for passengers.

A light fixture illuminates the pit, along with some steel equipment, a few thick coiled pieces of metal (buffers), and often times a pump system to help remove any water that may enter.

There are two main types of elevator systems and each have different machinery in their pits:

  1. Hydraulic elevator pit
  2. Traction elevator pit

Read our article What is in an Elevator Pit? for a more in-depth look at each type of elevator pit and it’s functions.

If there are issues with your elevator, chances are checking your elevator pit can help detect the problem.

Why is it important to keep an elevator pit clean?

To maintain a healthy and strong foundation, prevent the deterioration from water damage.

Let’s say you drop some loose change down the crack of an elevator lift, where does it go?

Fallen items from passengers and dust and debris from regular elevator use tend to accumulate in one place – the elevator pit.

This trash mixes with water that commonly enters the pit as it is the lowest part of the building, creating a puddle of waste water.

If not properly maintained, this poses a hazard to the essential equipment in the pit and this new waste environment increases the risk of elevator malfunctions, passenger injury, and liability.

Not to mention, waste water needs to be disposed of in compliance to government and environmental regulations or you face the potential of high fines and penalties.

Since unauthorized personnel are not recommended to enter a pit, you must rely on a third party to access and clean this area.

Do not rely on just anyone to go into your elevator pit. Trust a team who’s knowledgeable and consistent with their results.

With over 25+ years of experience in waterproofing elevator pits, TG Oil Services’s specialized technicians are here to help you.

Services include:

  • Elevator pit waterproofing
  • Elevator pit cleaning
  • Oil waste removal (licensed by EPA and certified)

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