How TG Oil Can Service Your Sump Pump

For starters, what is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a submersible pump system placed at one of the lowest points of a building to remove and send excess water away, keeping the area dry and safe from flooding.

Take your business or home elevator for instance, a sump pump is placed inside the elevator pit in its own sump pit so if any water collects, either from heavy rainfall or faulty structure, instead of flooding the water will be removed immediately by the pump system.

The best sump pump elevator systems will detect oil in the water and divert the oil to a separate tank through dedicated oil and water pumps.

These pump systems are commonly used in elevator pits and other spaces that require the separation of oil discharge from sump water.

As of a recently, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) passed regulation requiring all elevators that have Firefighters’ Emergency Operation to have a drain or sump pump in compliance with ASME A17.1 Section (remember to always check the safety requirements of your area).

Preventing water from collecting in your elevator pit is important as water and moisture can be very destructive.

When elevator pits are not maintained and your sump pump malfunctions it can lead to serious damages.

Common problems associated with water intrusion in an elevator pit are:

  1. Contamination

    • Oils from the elevator equipment mixes with the water making it more difficult to remove and dispose of as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations for disposing of oily water.
  2. Structural Damages

    • Water and moisture in an elevator pit can affect hoistway mechanics and electrical systems. Not to mention, begin to corrode and rust the elevator equipment, increasing the possibility of the entire elevator system being shut down.
  3. Flooding

    • Water intrusion slowly turns into trapped moisture or flooding which creates the perfect environment for breeding mosquitos, mold, mildew and disease causing microorganisms.
  4. Liability

    • Accumulated water in an elevator pit can lead to serious damage like passenger injury, liability, or elevator system malfunctions, costing you down time and thousands of dollars in repairs.

As water can be extremely destructive to elevator pits and lead to a multitude of malfunctions, injuries and inconveniences, it should be of high priority to have your elevator pit and sump pump checked regularly.

Countless of elevator malfunctions occur annually all around the world due to water intrusion, more noteworthy is that there are steps you can take to avoid this.

Instead of taking things into your own hands, purchasing a sump pump from Lowes or Home Depot, relax knowing there are specialized technicians ready to help and protect your assets.

Starting with a FREE assessment of your elevator pit, TG Oil Services’ professional elevator experts get their hands dirty so you do not have to.

As a solution to prevent damage and high sump pump costs, we offer services including, sump pump installation, removal, or replacement.

In addition, another recommended option for preventing any major consequences of water damage is our signature elevator pit waterproofing service which comes with a five-year guarantee of protection, ensuring you peace of mind. Read more on why waterproofing can protect your elevator system long-term.

As our commitment to building long-lasting client relationships, trust knowing the TG Oil team has you covered with their high standards and consistent quality results.

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Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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