TG Oil’s New Partnership with EWS Offers Services Nationwide!

Your elevator makes an average of 200,000 trips a year.

And there are around 900,000 operating elevators in the U.S alone according to the National Elevator Industry.

That totals over 18 billion elevator trips annually!

Daily use of machinery like this calls for regular maintenance and you deserve a team of professionals that will provide quality service, transforming dirty, unsafe elevator pits into a clean, safe pit with long-lasting protection.

However, not all elevator pit companies are the same. Industry leading elevator pit waterproofing company TG Oil Services is expanding their southeast services with their newest merger.

TG Oil is proud to announce their partnership with a reputable and experienced waterproofing service powerhouse, Elevator Waterproofing Solutions (EWS)

EWS is a professional team of highly trained technicians specialized in elevator pit restoration and waterproofing, dedicated to providing realistic and sensible solutions tailored to you.

Our combined expert elevator services are offered throughout the entire United States.

Together this partnership has over 40 years of service saving you time and money, keeping passengers safe, and business’s running.

When was the last time you had your elevator pit checked?

The majority of people do not know their elevator pit is a part of their building that needs to be maintained for safety and in order to pass annual inspection.

Abandoned elevator pits can lead to serious malfunctions or even personal injury.

Since pits tend to accumulate trash from fallen debris and have a high possibility of groundwater intrusion, checking for signs of water damage or corrosion could prevent possible structural failures.

Hydraulic pits for example, use a special type of oil that if mixed with water can damage the machinery.

That is why it is so important that elevator pits be maintained to avoid any complications or safety concerns.

Fully trained and equipped to service elevator pits, TG Oil Services and EWS provide you with FREE quotes so they can examine your elevator pit at no cost to you.

Moreover, as their mission to create long-lasting client relationships, after service is provided, they offer a five-year warranty of a water-free elevator pit ready to pass annual elevator inspections.

These certified and licensed teams offer excellent waterproofing and restoration services for your elevator pit.

Maintaining a functional elevator system helps you avoid the possibility of liability, injury, or malfunctions, and saves your business downtime and high costs.

Get a FREE elevator pit estimate today no matter where you are located in the U.S.

Trust in the partners TG Oil Services and EWS to provide you professional, safe, and long-lasting solutions for your elevator pit needs.

Together we will protect you and your assets.


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