Epoxy Decorative Flooring with King Epoxy by TG

Flooring plays an important role as a foundation, aesthetically and functionally.

It is one of the most used pieces of a room. Everyone entering your building, work space, or garage will walk on your floor, many of them noticing it at some point.

To avoid issues from cracked, hard to clean floors, it is recommended to maintain your flooring to help ensure the environment’s organization, safety, satisfaction of consumers or guests, and prevention of liability.

Business and home owners are leveling up from chipped floor tiles and stained concrete to durable, sleek, easy to maintain epoxy flooring.

You too can make the upgrade with TG Oil’s NEW epoxy decorative flooring service with King Epoxy by TG.

Epoxy flooring is a popular laminated flooring material, best used over concrete and known for its durable yet elegant look. Using clear epoxy resin and other chemical hardeners, an industrial coating is created that with proper professional installment, gives a protective, stain-resistant shine to your commercial site, mezzanine or personal garage floor.

There are a variety of possibilities when it comes to the customized design for your epoxy floors, but the results are the same – a strong surface with a shine that lasts and is easy to maintain.

The final layer of floor coating provides the ultimate protection, being nonporous, it helps prevent damage from any absorption of substances like water, oil, or chemicals. Subsequently, these floors do not require a lot of maintenance and are easy to clean, so you can spend less time on your floors and more time on other tasks.

Epoxy floor coating guarantees:

· Long-lasting protection

· High resistance to impact and scratches

· Temperature and leak resistance

· Seamless gloss finish

For quality installation, trust the certified reputable team at King Epoxy by TG who consistently deliver excellent results. Visit King Epoxy’s website.

This flooring service will transform your commercial space or residential garage. They pay close attention to detail and perform quick, expert work, so fast installation means quality results with little down time for your home or business.

From tough and durable to sleek and luxurious, this team is agile and flexible to meeting your flooring needs. Take these real customer testimonials as proof:

· “Fantastic job from start to finish”

· “Now I feel like I have the garage of my dream”

· “These guys demonstrate their professionalism in the work they do and the way they conduct”

Do not be burdened any longer with dull, cracked, high-maintenance flooring, contact King Epoxy by TG directly to upgrade to a long lasting epoxy experience.

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