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Is rust a silent natural disaster?

One of the most common types of corrosion occurs right in front of us but goes unnoticed.

When the mediation of metal, like iron or steel, and its environment combine, specifically with water (hydrogen) and oxygen, the three undergo a chemical process. This natural process creates what we know as rust.

A federal study, performed by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), found that the U.S. incurred an annual cost of corrosion of $276 billion. On a smaller scale, individuals and businesses also incur this same cost.

To avoid this cost, it is important to perform routine maintenance of metal equipment to check for signs of water damage or corrosion. An elevator pit for example, known to experience water intrusion, increases the risk of rust result.

Signs of iron rust are evidence that the material is beginning to wear away and if remained untreated can lead to serious damage.

If you suspect or have identified rust leave the dirty work to us. TG Oil is now offering RustCheck, a non-abrasive, easy-to-use rust treatment. It can be used on any surface by anyone because of its simple application process.

For safe and quality results on elevator pits, TG Oil Services provides FULL treatment and protection of rust.

The team of professionals at TG Oil are here to provide you with expert elevator pit waterproofing and rust treatment. Both excellent measures for preventing the likelihood of a malfunction and securing the foundation of the elevator system.

The costs of conventional rust treatments can be expensive, harmful for the environment, toxic, and abrasive – TG Oil has a better solution.

Effective and safe for the environment, TG Oil relies on RustCheck, a non-toxic rust treatment proven to clean and refurbish surfaces. The application combines an organic blend of mild acids with an enhanced copolymer that coats it with an immutable layer of protection.

RustCheck benefits:

Sustainable for the environment

  • No waste to dispose of and non-toxic materials used.

Saves time and money

  • Simple application and cleanup, no extra costs for large equipment.

Safe and efficient

  • Avoids abrasive blasting and use of toxic substances and allows for continued productivity of surrounding work area.

Do not wait any longer for your elevator pit to corrode, call TG Oil Services for a FREE estimate today!

A clean, rust-free elevator pit means a safe and smooth ride for all.

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