Elevator Pit Tips for Rainy Season

Do not find your elevator pit flooded with damage this rainy season – take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and effective elevator system.

These upcoming months are the start of rain and hurricane season. Recent predictions show that this hurricane season could be above average, generating 3-6 major hurricanes. Furthermore, the National Weather Service forecasts an additional 33 percent above normal rainfall the next few months.

These weather patterns increase the chances of your elevator pit filling with water and can lead to devastating consequences. Even minor elevator pit water damage can be a burden, including the cost of repairs, time out of service, possible breeding ground for mosquitos and, not to mention, the danger it puts on riders.

Some of the biggest factors that play a role in the safety and function of your elevator are found in the elevator pit. Here is a simple check list to make sure your elevator is up, down, and running:

1. Are your sump pump & pit lights working?

  • A sump pump is important to help keep the elevator pit dry, avoiding malfunctions.
  • Ensure pump is properly removing water from the pit to drain elsewhere.
  • Are there any signs of water leaks?
  • Check pit lights are working and in good condition, if not, do they need any necessary replacement?

2. Are there any visible signs of water damage?

  • Check the entire area for early signs of water intrusion.
  • Do you see or smell any indication of water damage?
  • Be proactive and address issue(s) promptly and correctly.

3. Maintain a safe and quality elevator

  • As the base of a complex system, it is important to keep the elevator pit clean.
  • Only allow qualified professionals, like TG Oil specialists, to care for your elevator pit and ensure a safe and effective system.
  • Do not put an inexperienced personnel at risk by working on your elevator pit.

These tips are a great place to start when it comes to accessing your elevator pit during rainy season. Make this a routine check-up to keep your elevator pit in excellent working conditions all year round.

Although there might not be any water intrusion, your elevator pit could still face complications under dry conditions. Read our post to learn more about how to prevent your elevator pit from becoming a fire hazard.

No matter the weather, stay safe, and remember these tips to keep your elevator running safely and smoothly this rainy season.



Written by: Erika Lorenzo

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