Steps to Take After Finding Water in Your Elevator Pit

Unfortunately, water intruding in an elevator pit is more common than most would think.

The actions you take after finding water in your building’s elevator shaft are crucial – these decisions must be made quickly to prevent building hazards and equipment damages.

Here’s what you should do immediately after seeing or hearing water in your elevator system:

  1. Pause elevator usage

Operating an elevator when there is water near or in the elevator system is dangerous. This water can cause electrical short circuits, potentially trapping someone in the elevator cab or damaging the building electrical system.

  1. Contact your elevator service provider

Your elevator company should be notified as soon as water is seen or suspected in your elevator system. It is extremely important to not try to fix anything yourself. Technicians are trained on how to properly handle these situations.

  1. Contact a qualified elevator pit servicing company like TG Oil Services for a free inspection and quote

Trained elevator pit technicians will inspect the area, check the machine room and offer a solution to remove the water and prevent further water intrusion.

Trusting a company that is experienced and certified with oily water removal and elevator pit waterproofing is important. TG Oil Services is here to do the dirty work and ensure that it is done right, the first time.

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