An Insider’s Look: Elevator Pit Waterproofing

“Thank you for calling TG Oil Services. This is Daniela, may I ask who I’m speaking to?”

“Hi Daniela, this is Charles, I manage ABC building and we found water in our elevator pit after the storm. Would someone be able to come out to inspect the site and give me a quote for removing the water?”


This is usually how the first interaction between a client and TG Oil Services goes. After this phone call, a meeting is arranged where a sales representative goes to your location and provides you with a free consultation.

TG Oil Services offers many services, but for this blog post we will be following the step by step process of elevator pit waterproofing in real time.

After the free consultation and approved proposal, a time frame for the job is decided. Keep in mind that while there are technicians in the pit, the elevator won’t be running (for obvious safety reasons!).


Day One A team of two TG Oil Services technicians arrive to the site and perform the proper safety protocols before entering the elevator pit. Once they are in, it’s time to check out the damage that has been done.

An oil tanker truck is parked outside of the building and a hose is brought to the elevator pit that pumps out the contained oily water.

Did you know? TG Oil Services is one of the few elevator pit companies that is licensed and certified by the EPA to remove and transport oily water.

Once everything has been removed, the area is inspected and the source of water intrusion is determined before proceding with the waterproofing application. Water can come from cracks in the infrastructure, flooding, or broken pipes.

Now, waterproofing step 1 out of 2 begins. The walls of the elevator pit are injected with a product that is key to preventing water seepage into the pit. This way of waterproofing addresses the root of the problem rather than acting as a bandaid over the issue.


Day Two Complete pit restoration begins today with grinding down the walls and floor. If the pit held oily water then this step is crucial in order to remove the layer of cement that absorbed oil.

After grinding, the area is cleaned and the dust is collected using a HEPA certified pulse-bac vacuum.

Before ending day two, the first coat of a product that seals the pit and prevents moisture is applied. This takes about 14 hours to fully dry.


Day Three Waterproofing step 2 out of 2 continues, with a second layer of moisture prevention.

Now any parts that rusted or were damaged are restored to the best condition possible. Was the sump pump destroyed and must be removed and/or replaced? Are the pit channels rusted? Is the pit light broken?

Keep in mind that most “quick and easy” services usually aren’t the best work quality.

pit of the week 6.22.png

Day Four (and sometimes five) After restoring the pit, the floor of the area is blanketed with a slip-free material for the safety of future technicians. As a final touch, the buffers, channel, pit light, etc. are painted.

The elevator pit is thoroughly inspected by a supervisor to ensure that the waterproofing procedure was successful.

After approved, the waterproofing journey comes to an end with the final product being shown to the client. Here is some feedback that TG Oil Services has received:

“I highly recommend TG Oil because of satisfaction guarantee policy and the professional job that was done. The elevator pit looks beautiful.”

“Did an excellent job with our service elevator pit. Professional staff!”

“Efficient, Reliable, Thorough are only a few words to describe the service provided by TG Oil Services. I totally recommend their company.”

More client reviews can be found on Yelp.

Technicially, the process does not end here. For the next five years the pit is covered by TG Oil Services under our warranty, because a customer’s safety and best interest comes first.

A small elevator pit problem can grow and create costly collateral damage. Acting quickly at the first sign of an issue is crucial. Entrusting the right company with these issues is just as important.

TG Oil Services is the industry leading elevator pit servicing company and is ready to help.

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