Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Floor 1… Floor 2… Floor 3….

Elevator car lift systems are engineered to generously carry people in a safe manner to what may be their jobs or apartments.

The design and mechanics are safe so long as the elevator is properly maintained and upkept. Proper maintenance ensures there are no mechanical failures, injuries, costly damages or angry elevator passengers.

One of the most important procedures necessary to protect the integrity of the elevator system is elevator pit waterproofing.

Waterproofing protects the safety of its passengers, saves the elevator operator time and money, and serves as insurance that everyone is happy with their overall elevator experience.

The relevance of elevator pit waterproofing applies to the machinery beneath the elevator car that allows it descend and ascend. Water can interfere with that process. Water entering the pit walls leads to damage that cannot be ignored.

A small problem has room to grow. One day’s worth of rain soon turns into a week’s worth of storms – later becoming a pool of dirty water in the elevator pit. That same pool of water turns into a breeding ground for mosquitoes; a safety, fire and health hazard.

Elevator pit water intrusion is notorious for collateral damage.

Fortunately, elevator pit waterproofing specialists exist to take the problem off of your hands and keep the elevator running for years of further use without making people have to resort to the forgotten dusty stairwells.

TG Oil Services, an industry leading elevator pit waterproofing company, has some of the most effective equipment to get the job done. And done right.

Before the elevator pit is waterproofed, TG Oil Services will completely clear the area. This means picking up settled trash that escapes from the cracks of the elevator car and disposing of oily water [a mixture of elevator fluids and water from outside that entered the pit].

After the pit is cleaned, then comes the two-step process: injection and coating.

The injection involves a special product that is key to blocking water seepage into the pit structure. Then, the waterproof coating is applied, which acts as a sealant. The elevator pit is left clean, waterproofed and slip-free followed by this two-step procedure.

TG Oil Services offers a five-year warranty after we waterproof your elevator pit – especially since a follow up is important.

Following up is of high priority once the elevator pit is waterproofed.

Regular check-ins allow elevator pit mechanics to foresee issues that might arise from something as minor as a drop of water that made its way into the pit structure or a corroded piece caused by water damage, which has the potential to lead to elevator failure.

A post-waterproofing follow up is crucial to make sure everything went well or in the case that it didn’t that way proper additional measures are taken to fix it right away.

Concerned or not about whether you think your facility’s elevator needs to be waterproofed, it’s worth calling the right people with professional experience to confirm that for you. It’s worth the future of your elevator, and it’s worth it for those who access your facility’s elevator every day with trust that they will make it to their floor safely.

It is up to you to make that call on where the future of your elevator pit lies. TG Oil Services is willing to answer that call for waterproofing services.









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