Fire Hazard: Elevator Pit Debris You Can’t See

You’re standing inside of an elevator waiting for the doors to close to go to a different level and find yourself glancing at the space between the elevator car and the floor the elevator sits at.

The elevator doors shut.

Now you’re left wondering what would happen if you threw spare change or paper scraps into that thin spacing– would it just keep falling into a bottomless pit to never been seen again?

Not quite. This bottomless pit is actually the elevator pit. This is where your pennies and scraps would land if purposefully or mistakenly dropped in the elevator car until it gets kicked around and eventually falls into this small gap large enough to fit these items.

Building maintenance such as floor replacements or structure repairs generate debris, which is another way for trash to escape through the cracks.

Over time this neglected debris accumulates underneath the elevator in the not-so-bottomless pit. It is a fire hazard and a problem to be addressed by elevator pit technicians.

How can small scraps become a fire hazard?

Well, small pieces of garbage eventually turn into a collection of trash not visible to elevator passengers, which makes it even more dangerous because the problem isn’t  seen firsthand. Elevator pits that have not been waterproofed tend to hold water that reacts with trash producing a dangerous chemical reaction. Water percolation, or filtration, through the waste causes it to release chemicals.

This garbage collection also interferes with the mechanics of an elevator system.

So, how do I get rid of this elevator pit trash?

Call your local elevator pit technicians TG Oil Services to get the mess cleaned up.

In the case of waterproofing, a special type of vacuum [HEPA Certified Pulse-Bac Vacuum] is used to adequately remove all debris prior to waterproofing the pit.

Remember: Having a cleared elevator pit is also key to making sure any prevalent mechanical issues are visible to technicians to avoid future elevator failure.

TG Oil Services is at your service to clear up that dust and debris you can’t quite see.

Written by Natalie Bauta, technical writer
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