What You Need to Know About Elevator Pit Liquid Disposal Regulations and Violations

It is necessary to maintain a clean elevator pit, and it goes beyond making sure trash beneath the elevator is cleared.

Making sure that your elevator pit is waterproofed is another way to avoid messy problems and health risks. For example, water mixing with oil and waste could attract disease-carrying mosquitoes. And produce a stench.

Maintaining the elevator pit is important to avoid mechanical issues that could lead to fluid leakages or prevent water from entering from outside sources.

Therefore, a clean elevator also means making sure the pit is liquid-free whether it be intrusion from heavy Florida rains or oil runoff from the equipment.

You may find oily water in your elevator pit as a result of water coming into contact with hydraulic fluids or lubricants use in the elevator mechanics, which also holds the possibility of becoming physically contaminated with dirt or dust, or chemically through contact with saltwater.

Doing the dirty work yourself by finding your own method of disposal has consequences.

Florida Statute Section 403.703(9) prohibits dumping hazardous material on land or any body of water, which may enter a groundwater source– a serious environmental risk.

This is why there are businesses dedicated to handling this dirty oil.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), oil handlers must follow a set of guidelines, or management practices, to ensure the proper handling and recycling of used oil from spillages, leaks or intrusion. Then, it needs to be stored and transported in a labelled container to the right facility where it will be properly disposed of.

TG Oil Services offers this service for your business. We are licensed by the EPA to transport liquid waste and used oil.

Do NOT: Dispose of any used oil yourself in sewers, lawns or any sources of water. You could face serious fines and harm the environment.

DO: Contact TG Oil Services to properly handle and transport the oily water from your elevator pit.

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