Q. How does water get into an elevator pit?
A. Since elevator pits are usually the lowest point in a building they are susceptible to flooding. The water intrusion can be caused by things such as a natural disaster, a broken pipe, or a drain back up.

Q. What is a Sump-Pump?
A. A Sump-Pump is a water extraction equipment normally installed in an elevator pit. The Sump-Pump hole is normally 24x24 per code to extract water from the pit.

Q. Do I need to take care of this water intrusion problem now?
A. Yes! As soon as possible!

Q. What damage does water in an elevator pit cause?
A. Water intrusion in an elevator pit causes more damage than you can imagine, from extremely expensive repairs such as the entire electrical system of the elevator if the traveling cables are damaged to part replacements of the pit channel, guide rail, pit ladders, electrical outlets, or pit light fixtures.

Q. What are all of the services TG Oil Services provides?

A. TG Oil Services provides the following services:

  • Free Elevator Pit Inspection
  • Oil & Water Recovery with proper disposal
  • We provide Manifest

We restore damages caused by contained water such as rust on the following parts:

  • Pit Channel
  • Bottom of Rails
  • Spring
  • Buffer stands and Pit Ladder
  • Troubleshoot & replacement of elevator pit sump-pumps
  • Replace light fixtures and outlets damaged by water
  • Waterproofing of elevator pits (5 Year Warranty)

We provide elevator hoist-way complete clean downs that includes:

  • Car-top
  • Door Interior
  • Door tracks
  • Door cills
  • Beams
  • Counter Weight Frame
  • Complete cleaning and painting of elevator machine rooms

Q. Why should I work with TG Oil Services?
A.  At TG Oil Services we put the needs of our customers first, we prove this with our 5 year elevator pit waterproofing warranty and our satisfaction guarantee policy. You won't find another team more personable and happy to provide you with a service!

Q.Where does TG Oil Services dispose of the oil that’s removed?
A.  TG Oil Services provides our customer a manifest with details of the amount of oil that was collected and where it was disposed.

Q.Where does TG Oil Services provide services?
A.  TG Oil Services provides services through out the State of Florida.

Q.How long has TG Oil Services been in business?
A.  TG Oil Services has been in business for 4 years, with 25 years of experience in the elevator field.